The Speech I didn’t give….. (March 29th)

city view at london
Photo by Dominika Gregušová on

Look around you. Look towards the river – and there stands the building we all know so well, filled with so many people we wish we’d never heard of. The ‘Mother of Parliaments’ they call it – but many of you would probably want to give what’s going on there now a far ruder name!

It should be the place we look to for wise government, for sensible decisions, and for the rule and defence of Democracy. But it isn’t. And that is shameful.

Look in the other direction, look to the statue there, almost un-noticed in the crowds here today.

Just there stands a statue in remembrance of Nelson Mandela, a hero of those in that place, and yet a man who stands for what they do not. A man who, despite being flawed, led his people to freedom from under the jackboot of a tyrannical and unjust government. A government which cared nothing for the vast majority of his countrymen, a government which in many ways acted like the EU does today – pretending to care deeply for the people under their thumb, and yet who actually despised, loathed and disparaged them. Mandela never gave up – Mandela cried out, “Freedom!” Mandela helped his people gain freedom.

Now look there, behind you. There stands, proud, the statue of Churchill – a man who fought for this country both on the battlefield and in parliament. A man who would have nothing but shame and sadness at what is going on in that place now. His words were prophetic, his words were a warning – and this parliament of charlatans have forgotten them – and it is us, and it is democracy, which will pay the price if we give up our fight.
“I love Europe”, he said, “But, if it is a choice between Europe and the deep blue sea I would choose the deep blue sea every time.”

The other day Boris Johnson spoke of Moses – now there was a leader, a man who set his people free – but he did it with the help of God. This that we fight is not only a political battle, it is a spiritual battle for the very soul of this nation. We will not win this if we do not also turn to God and ask for His help in this task. Trust in God still, and he will bring us through even the darkest of moments.

Yes – let’s go swimming in the deep blue sea with Churchill. Yes – let’s walk to freedom with Mandela. Let us not give up. Let us mend broken Britain, and let us leave the EU behind us, like a bad memory. But as we do so, let us remember to turn to God in prayer, for His hand must be with us in our great mission.

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